Welcome to Indiana University School of Medicine’s networkIN website!

The mission of networkIN is to provide a platform for individuals training in academic science to learn about a variety of career opportunities in the Indiana life sciences sector through networking with local professionals.

Despite an increasing number of individuals pursuing life science careers outside of academic institutions, very few resources are available for trainees that promote career exploration. Thus, in August 2014, networkIN was established to provide a networking platform from which trainees can gain access to first-hand career information from local professionals. A second goal of networkIN is to complement efforts by local groups, such as BioCrossroads, to retain talent in Indiana. Facilitating trainee interaction with local companies promotes a greater understanding of the incredible life science career opportunities in the state. Finally, the third, and long-term goal of networkIN, is to facilitate the formation of mutually beneficial connections between individuals in academia and industry to catalyze collaborations and ventures that advance the Indiana life sciences sector.